Backr allows you to emerge from the crowd and support professional women athletes. You'll receive notifications when they compete and follow them on their journey!

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Hayley carter

"I’ve worked with and alongside professional women athletes around the globe. Playing at the highest level can be both a beautiful and frustrating journey. Backr offers the perfect vehicle for empowering these athletes to tell their stories. They can share the highs and lows of competing, and cultivate fan support along the way."

- Haley Carter, former Houston Dash Goalkeeper and Assistant Coach for the Afghanistan Women’s National Soccer Team

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Step 1

Find an athlete to support and create an account.

Step 2

Use the slider to choose the backing amount.

Step 3

Receive SMS notifications for their competitions.

Patty labella

"I know firsthand how hard it can be to keep track of when and how to watch your favorite women athletes on the pitch. Through my podcast, I’ve also learned a lot about how a lack of a living wage affects these athletes. Backr solves both problems! Now, I always know where to watch and I am helping them continue doing what they love!"

- Patty Labella, Women’s World Football Show Podcaster

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