An Inspirational Fan Experience

Our Philosophy

Athletes are incredible. We all can learn from people who push through limits in their minds and their bodies. Yet, women athletes are often broke. Seriously, it’s really bad. Did you watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup this past summer? Some of these athletes made less than 1000 USD playing their sport in the previous year at the highest level.

We at Backr cannot control how much athletes are getting paid by their teams or federations. What we can do is disrupt this sports space. Women athletes are influential brands on their own. Let's empower them with their fans.

The Problems

Only 4% of sports coverage is women’s sports. Week to week,fans navigate a confusing array of networks and streaming sites. New fans face a difficult barrier to entry.

Fans are loyal to individual athletes. Athletes can play in many leagues and for a variety of teams. It makes it complicated for fans to determine how and when to watch their favorite athletes.

Some general game time notification systems exist. None are designed to inform fans of when and how to watch their favorite female athlete compete.

Fans crave life-affirming insight and connection with women athletes. Women athletes produce amazing content yet they don’t get paid for this.

Most women pro athletes are not earning an annual salary that is a living wage. As a result, they often take on second or third jobs, which affects their sports performance. This dynamic has forced some athletes to give up doing what they love and leave sports.

Our Solution

Backr is a platform that allows fans to emerge from the crowd and financially back professional women athletes. In turn, these athletes provide personal insight into their journeys through digital content.

Financially backing an athlete does many things. It could help them make their rent, give up that second or third job, and allow them time to advocate for higher pay and conditions in their sport. Most importantly, they can focus on their performance.

We know that once a person regularly watches these incredible athletes and their competitions, they get hooked. Our ultimate goal is to create the most innovative fan experience. Let's find creative ways for women athletes to interact with their true fans.

The Team


Denise Duffy is obsessed with women’s sports. She is a five time hackathon winner, the founder of Food Feedback, and has an educational background that includes Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Dev Bootcamp.


Ethan Fertsch holds a B.S. in Biology. A Former neuroscience researcher turned Software Developer, Ethan is a fan of building meaningful applications and supporting underrepresented communitunities.