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Brooke Hendrix

West Ham United

Some facts about me... I’m from a small town called Sharpsburg in the great state of Georgia. I attended the University of Southern Mississippi and have a bachelors in exercise science with an emphasis in Kinesiotherapy. I’ve played in Wembley stadium and London Olympic stadium (which were both amazing). I’ve worked in a fruit and vegetable packing facility and in a subway shop in order to make ends meet to play football. I’ve played in 7 different countries in the past four years. Last year I broke my nose twice in three weeks and I’ve broken my nose four times total. Some of my qualities are... I’m 5’11. I’m a brave, old school defender. I’m lean but strong. I’m a caring and respectful teammate. I’m honest and hardworking. Things that matter to me... My faith in God, My family, My friends, and Football (soccer). My journey has been unique because... I had to take a year and a half off of playing after my senior season in order to finish my degree. From there I had trials in Holland and I didn’t make the team. Then I went home and really prayed about what to do and talked it over with my family and coaches. I felt really drawn toward playing football still so I decided to do whatever it took to play professionally. I went back to Europe and got another trial in Scotland to play for Rangers FC. I finally made that team but they couldn’t pay me and I couldn’t play my normal position of center mid. They moved me to center defender and that was the first time I had ever played there. I worked in Subway and was lucky enough to stay with a family of one of my teammates on a blow up mattress in my teammates room. Then I got an agent and was able to go to Switzerland for my first “professional” contract. From there I went to Iceland (where I got a job in the fruit and vegetable packing center), and then got my first full season with a team in Brescia, Italy. It was amazing there and I even got to play in champions league. And now I’m still playing center back but in England for West Ham United Women.

Having support from my Backrs will allow me to train more and focus on my development as an athlete. Many athletes have to retire early because of financial reasons. It’s stressful having to live pay check to pay check hoping to be able to save anything at the end of the month after bills. You backing me will make a difference for my career as an athlete.